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Episode 42 – Exploring the “Why” of Productivity with Robby Slaughter


Joining me this week is Robby Slaughter, workflow and productivity expert. With a background in technology and mathematics, Robby discovered that he liked best helping people overcome their problems rather than finding a solution to the problems themselves. One of the things that he focuses on is not only the “how” of productivity (that next cool to-do list that claims to help you master...

Episode 41 – Growing Every Day With Zeb Evans Of ClickUp


Joining me this week is Zeb Evans, founder and CEO of ClickUp. Being an entrepreneur from an early age, Zeb taught himself how to code, dropped out of college and created a social media firm. A lot of frustration from productivity software at the time was what inspired Zeb to create ClickUp. If you haven’t heard of it, ClickUp is a project management & productivity app I’ve been using for the...

Episode 40 – Organized For Success With Dr. Frank Buck


Joining me this week is Dr. Frank Buck, productivity speaker, author, and time management coach. His efforts towards being an organized person began back in his high school years and went on through his college years and his almost 30 years in the public education system, and now beyond. Even though Frank has been going mostly paperless and managing his organization digitally since 2001, he still...

Episode 39 – Creating Effective Leadership Skills With Randy Clark


Joining me this week is Randy Clark, leadership trainer and Amazon best-selling leadership author. Over the last 30 years, Randy has helped a lot of companies and managers improve their leadership with his training; much of it based on mistakes he made in management. He shared a lot of valuable content during our talk that can help just about anyone…not everyone in a managerial position...

AirDoro Early Stages Review – Track Your Time & Environment


AirDoro is a new kid on the block that combines the power of pomodoro timers with advanced functions while keeping it all together in a simple package that gets the job done well. It’s been my companion on my desk taking some prime real estate next to my second monitor: Effectiveness: 9/10 Price: TBD Ease of Use: 7/10 Support: 9/10 So what could you do with this handy little productivity...

SaneBox Review – The Simple AI Inbox Hero


Do you want a fast way to identify important emails and quickly sort into easy to use folders all the other stuff so you can free up your time to focus on what matters? If the answer is yes (like it is with me), SaneBox might be the tool that you’ve been looking for. It’s insanely simple. Sound crazy? It’s not – that’s the strong point. SaneBox setup takes minutes...

Episode 38 – Becoming Multi-Dimensional For Success With Joseph DiRoma


Joining me this week is Joseph DiRoma, head of The Successful Male North America and someone with almost two decades of experience in the hospitality industry and helping developing others. A good and productive day can be achieved with routines, and Joseph shared with me what he calls the CAMPV routine: C = Contemplation A = Affirmations M = Meditation P = Perspiration V = Visualization He made...

Episode 37 – Developing The Best People, Effectively – With Cory Carter


Joining me on this podcast episode is Corey Carter, who has been managing people for more than 20 years and recently has been helping entrepreneurs simultaneously increase sales, traffic, and visibility through JV partnerships and more.  Sometimes, while helping others grow, improve and develop, we neglect those that are next to us.  With Cory frequently travelling for work and having...

Episode 36 – Jack Of All To Master Of One With Laura Rike


Laura Rike, the Rogue Pinterest Powerhouse, and content marketing expert joined me for a great discussion about Pinterest, teams, and repurposing content. Seriously – if you do any sort of online content, please listen to this episode…you’re going to get a valuable idea, guaranteed. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of Pinterest I don’t think of minimal work for hundreds...

Episode 35 – Creating Your A-Team With Kris Ward


Kris Ward, author of Win The Hour, Win The Day, joined me for a great look at how important teams are to growing as an entrepreneur and business and why it’s not as hard as you think to grow your own “A-Team”. Most of us, myself included, have had our ups and downs when getting started with a team but Kris really boils it down to a few areas that you need to consider before jumping in – and...

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