My goal is to help others realize better results through productivity in order to achieve the goals they truly want while doing with less time and effort.

Podcast Details

I feature people from all backgrounds to share their experiences in productivity, organization and business to let them share their stories with a larger audience that is interested in the same topics. You do not need to be a “productivity person”, you just need to have experience in the real world trying to get better results.

This podcast is about your experience with productivity, organization and process – whatever your background may be.

I cover several common themes such as asking you about your daily routine, any tools or apps you use, and your favorite piece of media right now (book, video, etc). Beyond that, I follow the path that presents itself during the interview.

The podcast is typically 15-20 minutes in recorded length. I ask that you have a quiet space, a good microphone, decent video, and are familiar with Zoom.

Answer these short questions and I’ll be in contact with you:


Contact me at adam @ productivity dot academy


Contact me at adam @ productivity dot academy

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