At The Productivity Academy, I test a lot of tools.  I figure out what works and use it to run my processes, in my personal life and in my businesses, to help keep us on task and efficient.

This page contains links and descriptions of the tools, software, and hardware I use regularly.

I recommend these products because I have experience with them and use them in my own life and businesses – and one of the most often asked questions is what tools to use!

 Productivity Apps

  • Todoist – This is a great tool to use as a “catch all” for tasks in digital form.
  • Notion – My go to application for reference, outlining, and more.
  • Roam Research – The starting point for my digital brain. Highlights, thoughts, process formation, etc, goes here.
  • Trello – A long time go to for processes and tasks. Great for using with outsourcing.
  • ClickUp– My current go-to project management app that doubles as my “catch all”.
  • Focuster – A great app that combines task lists and your calendar. Auto scheduling feature and more.
  • SaneBox – Want to get your email under control? This handy app lets you go to inbox zero easily and without any fussing around. Simple and powerful – full review here.
  • Zapier – Amazing tool for automating so many apps, data entry, and more.
  • – Like Zapier, but a bit more “techy”, which means more options but sometimes more difficult to setup. Much lower cost.

Brainstorming / Mind Mapping

  • MindMeister – fast mind mapping tool that let’s you get ideas out of your head quickly so you can plan & implement. Free for limited number of mind maps. Video overview here.

Content Creation

  • – super handy tool for optimizing YouTube video titles and descriptions. Gives you several options, I like to mix it with my own additions.
  • BeeHiiv – great email service that I use for the Productivity Academy. Intuitive, tons of baked in features that others lack or charge extra for.

Productivity Training

  • The 14-Day Productivity  Foundation Challenge – Ready for a quick start to setting or greatly improving your Daily Review to get better results in less time? That’s just week 1 – in week 2 we set up an automation to save you dozens of hours (no tech experience needed) AND show you how to decide what else to automation AND how. Join us here!
  • The Foundation – If you want to get control of your time, build a team, and start automating processes so that you can get better results across the board, this is for you. This book + video training can take you from overwhelmed and unfocused and have you seeing real-life results in less than one week.


  • lofi Cafe playlist (Spotify) – my go to focus music when listening to Spotify.
  • Focus At Will – A great tool for putting the brain to work and filtering out background noise. I wasn’t sure about this at first but have been using it for some time now.
  • White noise (YouTube) – good background white noise “video” that’s 10 hours long.

Notebooks / Offline Note Taking

Disclosure: Note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, The Productivity Academy will earn a commission if you purchase through these links.

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