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I recently came across an alternative email app for Android and iOS (and MACOS) that adds functionality to the email abilities while mobile. This app is called Newton and could make a big difference in productivity while on the go.

So what does it do? It adds features that so far I’ve only seen on desktop browser plugins or email clients – things like delay sending, showing contact info in app, read receipts, and more. These could be really helpful to someone on the go, as long as they really use them.

I can see where this might fit in with what I need and in my mind this app would be really useful to someone actively using their email apps as part of running a business. The other great use may be for those people who seek to keep a clean and managed inbox at all times. Otherwise this might be overkill for the average user.

I’m going to check it out for the 14 day trial period and see if it pays off for myself – either in direct ways or by freeing up my time and allowing me to be more productive.

Got any recommendations for 3rd party email clients for Android? Let me know!

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