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In this episode we talked about:

  • What can I do while I’m flying in terms of staying productive?

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Everybody welcome to this week’s live q&a today is the 12th of September’s 2019. This is episode number 98. We got some really good stuff we’re going to go over today. Actually, it’s going to be mostly about travel got a couple things we’re going to cover over their travel routines, how to make your life better and easier while you’re traveling and staying on track and keeping on top of projects.

Because it is totally on my mind that is coming off of a long weekend. And I’m getting ready to head out to a friend’s wedding on the East Coast, which is going to be awesome. But we’re taking a like a 10 day trip and the whole big thing. So I’m revisiting my routines for travel, and thought that this would be a good time to to share as we head into the fall before we get into stuff like Thanksgiving and Christmas and all that.

Real quick though, I want to say if you’re watching live, go ahead and leave a comment if you got a question. If we have time we’ll get to it. If you’re checking the replay out on YouTube, it’s great, you can come join us in the real world productivity group, you can find the link down below come join us. And you can also subscribe to the YouTube channel.

If you want to stay up to date with stuff like this, as well as other videos on automation, podcast interviews I do with people from all walks of life about productivity, team management, building teams, time management, automation, all sorts of great stuff. So let’s get into it. The first thing I wanted to talk about was having a travel routine.

You know, routines are something we talked about it just in terms of our day to day and whether or not it’s you know, really precise, or you just say, you know, Tuesday’s a half recreating things Thursdays I learned, you know, some people do things like that which whatever works for you.

But within those routines we find, you know that as you travel and things get kind of thrown at you you tend to you know get get off a little bit you either lose focus, or you know, you didn’t anticipate travel taking so much time or you know, this happens that happens regardless, you know, things change your you generally not your normal settings.

You don’t have you know, your normal setup, you don’t have your computer that you’re used to maybe your laptop, whatever it is, there’s a lot of things that can seem that they’ll go wrong. And what you can do is just over time, especially if you travel a lot, or just relatively frequently, notice what happens, what does throw you off, what works well for you, and then just build your routine out of that.

Okay, so for myself, a lot of times I get distracted, so I’m traveling anyways, I have a pair of noise cancelling headphones, so I make sure that that’s in my pack list. Alright, seems simple, but it actually helps a lot starts right on the trip by you know, let me I can wear them on the airplane, I don’t get a headache when I get off.

But then I can wear them when I need to when I’m somewhere else. It’s like co working space, if I’m in someone’s house, whatever it is, I just need to Hey, I need to go work for an hour to I can put those on, put on some music or just have the quiet and do that for you. Maybe it’s always having a notepad, right, I don’t know how you work, but finding out what those things are and making sure that you’re prepared for you’re prepared for them.

So let’s take the notebook example, if you know that you need something physical to write on while you’re traveling. And that’s what helps keep you productive and keep on track, then make sure that that gets out into a pack list, right. And if you don’t have a pack list, maybe now’s the time to create a pack list, maybe an Evernote or notion.

Whatever it is you use, so that you have something that is kind of a template that you don’t think about you start with add to it. Now when you get to wherever you’re going, you’ve got a journal or a notebook, that’s the end result, right? So it’s just backing it up a few steps and making sure that these things make sense, I find that that works really well, using you know, your real world needs, whatever it is that you need, in general.

For a lot of us, it’s making sure we have the tools that we need. So you know, obviously a laptop or something like that, if you’re working online, a notebook and then being realistic about time and planning that out, right? If it’s a business trip, maybe you’ve got meetings, you’re going to go to how are you going to handle all that other stuff that you potentially committed to or you do need to cut out meetings ahead of time.

So that’s something I do on a monthly basis is I go into my calendar and say, Hey, do I have on my trip blocked out. And then around those have I, you know, removed any meetings or setting notifications. So that, you know, I don’t get overbooked and either Miss meetings, or just get really squished for time.

And really, you know, I know that there’s no way I can do that. And I find that on the meetings topic, this can be a really good one, when you’re coming back. You know how many you know, I’ll do it here. Raise your hand, if you’re in the room with me and you like having a meeting or a lot of meetings The day after coming back from a long trip.

Don’t get me neither, I don’t like it. And it definitely doesn’t work out. Well, because I’m really in that mode of trying to get back in my routine, I generally have, you know, communication, I’ve got to catch up on whether it’s email or slack or whatever it is. So having that day or even a half day is really important to me.

And so wherever possible, I try to clear out meetings from that day. And if I can’t, that’s fine. I just make sure that there’s no extra, you know, additional meetings and just work to make that first day or at least have to be a little bit looser than normal. Because I know that there’s inevitably going to be a couple things I need to get jump on.

Let’s see, last but certainly not least with travel is to make sure you have an exercise routine doesn’t matter. To me what it is you do, I like to run so that works for me, I can just bring my shoes with me and go out for a run almost anywhere I’m at, maybe you can hit a hotel, gym, whatever it is, and having a backup plan.

You know, I like i said i like to run but maybe it’s not in the cards that I can go out and do a six mile run, I just don’t have the time. So I set kind of a minimum. And for me, that happens to be like 30 minutes of cardio activity and set up like 10 push ups and bodyweight squats. If I hit that, it’s not like I’m, you know, building this great, fantastic level of fitness, but I’m maintaining, and I know that I’ll feel better.

And I’ll be even mentally better off just doing that whatever that may be, it could be at times just going for a brisk walk if I just don’t have the time or the energy to do something else. But going ahead and scheduling that in and literally writing it down as a check for yourself. So you don’t just say, Well, I don’t know what I can do, I’m just not going to do it.

You know, write it down 30 minutes of cardio, and whatever else you want to do. And again, you know, it’s totally depends on you what you want to do and what works for you in terms of exercise. But I find that that helps keep me on track. And if I want to do more, that’s great. But I’ve got that there to kind of help me and guide me and and keep me on track.

And something else that’s been asked several times actually is like, what can I do while I’m flying? In terms of staying productive. And I think that there’s a couple things you can do one, I highly recommend noise cancelling headphones, I laugh because I think it’s funny. I remember when I was like I don’t know if these are like real if they you know, I’m sure that there’s some technology in them that kind of works.

But how good Can it really be? It was amazing, I put on a pair of Bose headphones and was just blown away. I’ve had them now for a couple years got them as a gift. And it’s hilarious, because I was like, man, I never would have bought this for myself, but I wish I would have years ago, they’re really good for flying anywhere noisy, it really knocks down the noise and allows you to concentrate.

Or just like on a plane just to, you know, block out a lot of that noise and just the droning background noise. So I think that that’s a great way to be more productive. And if you’re not being productive, just by wearing them and focusing just by you arrived feeling better, and you’re more ready to do whatever it is you’re traveling to go to. Secondly, I would say plan ahead, you know, if you’re a normal size person, airplanes probably aren’t the best place to work.

Like, I know, I have a really hard time using a laptop. So sometimes, like I even have a small Chromebook. And I’ll try using that. But you know, I’m kind of doing the Tyrannosaurus arms doing the typing on there. And it just doesn’t work out. So sometimes I’ll try to use the touchscreen and do a couple things, or I’ll have a very limited goal of like, you know, I need to write a couple emails or something like that.

But generally, I’ll use that time for kind of planning, maybe thinking things out, maybe walking through a talk or a presentation, and doing things that don’t require me especially to use a tool that’s really hard and cramped quarters in this case, laptop. So I think just planning ahead for that maybe, you know, watching, if you want to watch, you know, break it up and watch like one movie for fun on the flight.

And maybe, you know, watch another training video or something you’ve been wanting to learn. That’s a good way to do it. Reading of course is go to I always have my Kindle with me when I’m flying. And either you know reading for fun, or there’s something you wanted to cover on there, that can also be a good time to do it.

So again, I find just, you know, ways to be productive on the plane is to really just plan ahead and don’t, you know, set yourself something really tough, you know, maybe you’ll have an empty seat, that’s great. And you can get a lot done. You know, maybe it’s going to be the flight from hell, it’s gonna suck, you’re gonna hate it, you don’t get anything done.

So don’t you know plan on getting a lot done and certainly don’t plan on having space and you know, the availability of a lot of maybe non nosy neighbors. So you know, plan ahead, plan accordingly and give yourself things to do that give you a little bit of flexibility. All right. Alright, I think that’ll do it for this week.

And just want to say real quick if you haven’t yet. Again, if you’re watching the replay on YouTube, you can click below join the real world productivity group. And you can also subscribe to the YouTube channel. If you’re watching on Facebook. That’s great. Come join the group too if you’re not in there already, and I will see everyone next week.

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