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Daily Review Process Video 1 – The Overview

Daily Review Process Video 2 – The Why & Powering It Up

 More Resources

  • Todoist – This is the tool I use as a “catch all” for tasks in digital form.
  • Notion – My go to application for reference, building processes, and more.
  • Evernote – Another solid application for reference and note taking.
  • Trello – A long time go to for processes and tasks. Great for using with outsourcing.
  • – My go-to project management app.
  • Focuster – A great app that combines task lists and your calendar. Auto scheduling feature and more.
  • UnRollMe – Want to get your email under control? This handy and free app lets you unsubscribe easily and get a daily summary to review.
  • Zapier – Amazing tool for automating so many apps, data entry, and more.
  • IFTTT  – Another great tool for automation. Not quite as robust as Zapier – but free and easy to set up.

Productivity Training

  • The 14-Day Productivity  Foundation Challenge – Ready for a quick start to setting your Daily Review (or improving your existing)? That’s just week 1 – in week 2 we set up an automation to save you dozens of hours (no tech experience needed) AND show you how to decide what else to automation AND how. Join us here! (And get The Foundation for free!)
  • The Foundation – If you want to get control of your time, build a team, and start automating processes so that you can get better results across the board, this is for you. This book + video training can take you from overwhelmed and unfocused and have you seeing real-life results in less than one week.

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