Entrepreneur’s Morning Routine – Can It Really Help?


So, does having a routine as an entrepreneur really help you?

Well, my short answer is yes!

But first, if you haven’t yet, watch the video above to see what my routine is, how I put it into action, and what other’s do to increase their results.

Watched it? Good, moving on…

Why A Morning Routine Can Help You Kick Ass Too

It circles back to the beginning of the video, I mentioned that before I had a firm morning routine I would actually get right to work…and was extremely productive.

Sounds good, right?

Well, that was a double edged sword.

See, I would get to work but since I didn’t have the structure or planning in place, it was hit or miss whether or not I would be working on the right stuff.

Super important.

Now, with my planning and routine taking care of that, I know that what I’m working on is actually what I should be working on.

Not to mention it lowers the stress level to have looked at and planned your day or week and then started tackling the most important (not urgent) tasks or projects first.

When you take care of business this way things stop slipping through the cracks which means you’re going to be more successful. That’s the bottom line.

There’s lots of other benefits, but it’s mostly in the video (hint, hint, watch the video).

Health Benefits?

With the morning route in place, I’ve added the morning walk and the “green” smoothie, and both of those have been great additions.

The walk I’ve been doing for about 18 months, while the green smoothie was a more recent addition starting about 5 months ago.

The walking helps me get started, both physically and mentally, and is a “low barrier” – there’s no days where I’m not able to walk around the block!

With the green smoothie I love that it’s fast, tastes good, and is super healthy. I highly recommend this as a way to save time and do your body a favor.

In fact, here’s my recipe (courtesy of my wife):

Morning Routine Green Smoothie Recipe

  • Makes 2 servings, about 225 calories each
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 1/2 cups fruit juice or water
  • A TON OF SPINACH – Ok, maybe 3 big handfuls? We don’t measure it, just stuff it in 🙂

Blend that up and you’ve got a really healthy and tasty breakfast so your body and brain is ready to get to work for a few hours.

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