Episode 13 – Tracking Yourself To Make The Most Of Your Limited Time: Samer Abousalbi


Samer Abousalbi joined us for a great look into being a software Product Manager, creating and developing your own app, and his favorite tools and strategies for maintaining organization and productivity through all of this.

Not only does Samer realize the importance of having a “framework” that allows apps and tools to work for you, but he shared with us his big pivot that came after getting a degree in neurobiology!

As a Product Manager, Samer had some good insights into the most vital skills that you can have to be more effective in the position – communication is key.

His app is called “TimeTag” (https://www.capparsa.com/) and is a great idea on how to easily time track effectively without relying on yourself to accurately write down at regular intervals what you’re doing. While this sounds simple enough, for those of us who have tried to track ourselves this way, you know it’s much harder than it sounds, especially for the first few times.

If you’re looking to tracking your productive versus “down” time and use iOS, be sure to check out TimeTag.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Best tips for being an effective Product Manager
  • Top apps for dealing with several teams and why the app might not be the most important part…

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