How To Set Up Nozbe Project Settings

Nozbe is a great productivity application for all major platforms, but figuring out some of the settings can be a little hard to grasp for those who are new to the app.

However, by watching this short video you will see how you can easily set up projects and get them organized.

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The short answer is that Nozbe does not really deal with projects in a task / sub-task fashion, but rather groups them by labels which you can use to filter views of projects that contain tasks.

It’s an interesting way of viewing and sorting which may work well for you needs, or your team’s. Check out the video above for details on how to go about setting up a Nozbe project and dealing with project labels.

If you’re interested in trying Nozbe, check it out here:

You can also watch the review of the full Nozbe application here.

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