Batching Your Tasks For Better Productivity


Batching your tasks is a great way to stay focused and avoid that dreadful feeling of impending burnout from being pulled in too many directions at once. This happens when you start trying to go down a list and complete as much as possible without paying attention to which “area” each task belongs to.

For example, if  you have tasks that involve being outside, group those together.

Do you have some bills to pay and things to order from Amazon? Do those at the same time!

It sounds really simple, and it is. However, a lot of us, myself included, get caught up in trying to knock out tasks or putting out fires that we get distracted and end up losing a lot of mental energy switching back and forth between different areas.

So – watch the video and see how you can quickly, and easily, batch your tasks and when you should be doing this for maximum impact on your life.

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