Minimizing Your Stuff For Productivity


Today is the day – I’m moving…which is normally cause for a lot of anxiety and stress, but there’s also an upside. It enables me to take a better look at my belongings and sort through them more objectively to see what I’m actually using, what is important to me, and what is just taking up space – both in my home and in my head.

But, you don’t have to be moving to benefit from this.

You can set up time each month (or quarter, or whatever works for you) to go through your home and see if you’ve got things that are taking up space or causing you problems. For example, do you have an over-crowded dresser or closet? How about donating some of your clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year?

And interestingly, this doesn’t have to be physical items only. You can apply this to areas like DropBox or other digital storage. Why? How about the last time you went hunting for a file you knew you had stored somewhere…but you just couldn’t remember exactly where and there were a ton of old files that needed to be sorted or deleted?

If that sounds familiar, you could benefit from a bit of digital decluttering – I know I can, and do.

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