Recurring And Repeating Tasks Set Up In Todoist

Using recurring and repeating tasks in Todoist is a great way to save a lot of time and to stay on top of all of your tasks that occur regularly, or at least more than once.

When setting up a task in Todoist, to make it recurring you fill out the task information as you normally would, but when it comes to the time / date field you make some small changes.

For example, if you want a daily reminder you would type in “every day” in the date field and it would become recurring every day (remember – every day is ever day, including weekends!). If you only want weekdays you would type in “every weekday”.

There’s lots of date formatting options that gives repeating tasks a lot of flexibility – you can find more of them here on the Todoist date formatting guide.

This is also important to know about if you are using IFTTT and Todoist – you’ll need to make sure you have your date formatting correct or you may run into some real issues.

(You can find out more about integrating IFTTT and Todoist to automate some really handy processes here: IFTTT & Todoist Gmail Automation Article)

Another area where date formatting for recurring tasks can come in handy is setting start and end dates.

As an example, let’s say you had a project with a new task that came up, but you only need reminders through the end of the week. If today was March 23 and Friday was March 25, you would type in “every day ending March 25”. You can also do this for starting dates to set up a recurring task in the future!

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