Staying Productive While On The Road: Part 2


Week 2 of travelling for me and I’m again finding that prioritizing tasks on a daily basis is one of the most important aspects of staying productive without feeling like I’m losing control or letting critical tasks slip by.

The way I’ve been doing this is to take advantage of the time I have after getting up, getting some exercise, and having breakfast – I then sit down with my laptop and notebook and go through the day and see what needs to be done right now, what can wait until later or tomorrow, and what can wait until I’m back home after a week in Panama.

Taking care of that not only let’s you get those critical tasks completed or delegated, but it lets you mentally “relax” knowing that you have reviewed what needs to be done and at least assigned it a time to be completed – no more “hoping” that it doesn’t slip by you or someone else while you’re busy and travelling!

Of course, you still need to DO those tasks – so it’s also a good time to set your schedule and see how you can fit those tasks into any remaining time you may have. This can also be a good way to organize during a “working” vacation where you may have a couple hours per day before heading out for activities or anything else.

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