What Are Some “During The Flight” Airplane Hacks?

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Do you need to travel often for work and it starts to feel like a lot of time wasted? Do you wish you could make more out of your traveling time?

I used to feel the same. And that’s why I wrote down this list of airplane hacks to help you make the best out of your flights.

They aren’t mind blowing but they are practical and the routines that I follow to get the most out of my time in an aluminum tube flying through the air with several hundred other people…

Get in the Zone

I definitely have a number 1 priority when packing my bag for a flight. They are my in-flight productivity’s best friend and I would never travel without them — noise-canceling earphones.

To be honest with you, I put off buying them for years (and I regret it!) because I wasn’t sure they would actually work. They do. Incredibly well. And the benefits are many.

You won’t just be able to focus more, but will also notice an increase in your overall energy levels. Do you know that feeling of exhaustion after a flight, no matter how short?

I realized that a big cause for it was the constant noise that you experience on planes. The buzzing engines and air flow (when working), fellow passengers, cabin crew communications … it all adds up to give you a headache.

And trying to zone out with loud music from Spotify blasting at 110 decibels on regular headphones will not help…trust me.

Choose Easy Things to Do

If you want to get work done on a plane, you will have to be realistic about it. This can be done on 2 levels:

  • Choose activities that don’t require deep focus. For me, that would be consuming media: I can easily listen to podcasts and read during a flight. What I cannot do is write a business proposal. You don’t need to avoid writing completely but think of it more as jotting ideas onto the page rather than creating a polished text.
  • Think big. Try not to set specific and detailed tasks for yourself. When you plan on working on a certain area during your flight, consider getting anything done a win. Giving yourself specific targets and deadlines will probably set you up for failure.

I hope these very simple hacks will improve the quality of your flight time. Remember to take it easy and not ask too much of yourself and of course, if you can, taking a nap is always also a good idea!

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