What Is The Most Productive Thing You Do For An Hour Before You Start Your Weekend?

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Productivity doesn’t stop at 4 pm on a Friday.

And it certainly doesn’t stop with your business tasks. The very last hours of your work week and the very first of your weekend can be crucial for both your efficiency and happiness.

Finding a life balance while improving my work productivity took me time, trial, and error. That is why I decided to use the Productivity Academy and share what I learned with you.

I’m going to go through my weekend productivity routine so that you can start making the most of your time all week round – and from my point of view the best part is that it has a really high ROI, that is, it doesn’t take much time and gets great results.

Wrap It Up

If you’re like me, at the end of some weeks you are tired and your mind is already starting to wander to weekend plans or trips, and half of your brain is already thinking of the things you need to do this weekend.

But that is not enough of a reason to let the end of your Friday go to waste.

It is actually a great time to carry out a short week review. What have you achieved? Is there anything left to do, and if so, could you do it now? Can you set up work for next week so that you can hit the ground running on Monday?

The more you ask yourself these questions, the better you’ll get at answering them. You will soon realize that it may only take less than 30 minutes but will save you time in the long run.

Now, will you “see” the benefit that first Friday (or whatever day it is)? Probably not!

But you will see it on that first day back and then over time as you create this habit you’ll see the great effects – less stress over your time off, more “closed loops”, and better project management.

First Things First, Even on the Weekend

You know this by now: the daily review is the very foundation of my productivity framework. It will make you better and faster at completing your tasks and keep you on top of your goals — business related or personal.

That is why I started completing a mini daily review on Saturday mornings. I sit down, sip my coffee, and simply ask myself: what do I want to do this weekend?

You can use a post-it note or your best self journal, but I suggest that you write in order to deepen your focus and set your priorities.

It doesn’t mean that you should plan every single second of your time off. That would simply be unrealistic, and possibly prevent you from spending carefree time with friends and family.

But the hike you’ve been meaning to go on for a while?

That new bookstore in town you want to check out? Write them down. It will help you plan your time better make the best out of it.

I look back at the times that I didn’t do this and would end up thinking back on a few days off and wishing I had done something more…and we don’t get more time so do what you want to do!

As a side note – if watching Netflix all day on Sunday is what you want to do – then do it! Just put in the 5 minutes to think about what you really want and go for it.

Doing the small, enjoyable things that are on your list will also, quite simply, make you happier. And a happier you is a more productive you.

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By Adam Moody

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