Who Uses Goal Setting?

Something that I’ve commonly come across is that the idea of goal setting is a little…vague, or more about “feeling good”.

And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m guessing that if you feel this way you might have come across something online about “imagine what you want and it will come true”…or something similar.

Sound like something you’ve seen?

Well, fear not – this is NOT what goal setting is about and it’s an important part of success in your personal and business life.

So, who else uses goal setting for massive results?

Tony Robbins

This should come as no surprise, but  Tony Robbins is a huge proponent of goal setting and using it to achieve big results – you can find out more here. Using goals to set your path and identify your motivations is part of his recommended strategy.

Tim Ferris

The author of the 4-hour workweek knows that goals can produce the results that you want in your life. Tim has an interesting insight into our goals and how our fears can tell us what we should really be doing. Watch his talk about this here.

Derek Sivers

American entrepreneur and ambitious creator knows that goals are the way to producing the results that we want – but there’s a catch that he thinks is important. Find out more here.

Those are just 3 examples that not only show how some high performers use different methods to get great results – but just as importantly it shows us that they ALL highly value the act of using goals to achieve what they want in life.

If you want to find out more about goal setting and how it can be done effectively, read more here.


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