Goal Setting Worksheet

Having clear goals can produce amazing results, but we don’t always know where to start.

Sound familiar?

Hopefully so, since most people feel that they don’t have the clarity to set goals and to review them regularly.

I want to share with you my method for setting goals that help me get more done and move towards targets that let me do more, spend more time doing what I want, and just make me happier.

I’ve taken what I’ve done over and over again and made it into a goal setting worksheet. You can use this template as it is or get tweak it to your needs.

Many people find that it’s like cooking or baking – try using this goal setting template as it is and then make changes once you’ve used it and see how it works for you and your specific needs.

I’ve included the outline below so you can see it, along with explanations, and it’s available for free download at the bottom of the page.

Ok, let’s getting going!

The System

This is going to be short, but don’t overlook it for the simplicity. Many of our most powerful and best systems work because they are ordinary – but done extraordinarily well.

I start with the goal itself. What is the outcome I want? This can be big, small, scary, awesome, whatever it is that motivates you and gets you the results you want.

Goals Worksheet: Write your goal down by hand

Example: Create support process for my business so that I don’t have to spend 10 hours per week on details but customers still get A+ service.

Ok, we’ve got a good goal, we know why we want to do it (it’s in the goal) so what’s next?

Break it down.

What are the milestones or action items? If you’re doing this daily, you won’t have many. That’s OK.

Milestone: Write your milestone down by hand


  1. Spend 30 minutes Tuesday and Wednesday writing down the main 5 tasks that I do regularly during support activities in a Google Doc
  2. Review main 5 tasks on Thursday for 15 minutes, and write out process to do each of them (schedule 1-2 hours)
  3. Decide on hourly rate for support person based on difficulty of tasks and completeness of processes
  4. Post job opportunity on Upwork
  5. Interview 3 high quality applicants
  6. Hire applicant and schedule 3 hours for week 1, 2 hours for week 2, and 1 hour after that weekly to assist with support and train them

Now, numbers 4 through 6 can certainly be more detailed, but for both your sake and mine I’m not going to deep dive right now. The main idea is to realize that this can quickly be done and just as important – it won’t be perfect.

I started to rewrite a few of the example milestones and realized that this is a good example – when you do this process you’ll realize shortcomings, areas you need to be more specific about, and potential milestones that are goals themselves!

This is great, while it might feel like more work at the beginning, we all know what happens when we dive into projects and set goals with no clear path, right?

It can turn to chaos, or even worse, a goal that wasn’t achieved or was discarded due to poor planning.

So, that’s really the process – how you implement is of course up to you. I HIGHLY recommend a daily review of your long term goals to help you stay on track and make sure that your short terms goals are supporting you.

Now, how about that goal setting worksheet that I mentioned? Look no further…

Free Goal Setting Template

Click on the image (or here) to get your copy of the goal setting pdf template.

goal setting worksheet template


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