AirDoro Early Stages Review – Track Your Time & Environment


AirDoro is a new kid on the block that combines the power of pomodoro timers with advanced functions while keeping it all together in a simple package that gets the job done well.

It’s been my companion on my desk taking some prime real estate next to my second monitor:

Effectiveness: 9/10

Price: TBD

Ease of Use: 7/10

Support: 9/10

So what could you do with this handy little productivity tool if it was next to you on your desk? Let’s get into that!

What Is AirDoro?

AirDoro is a compact pomodoro timer with advanced features to help you make the most of your time and your environment.

If you checked out the pictures above you might have noticed several numbers…what are they exactly?

Well, front and center you get a CO2 reading – which to be honest I wasn’t super interested in at the beginning (more on that later).

You also temperature and humidity readouts just above the CO2 screen.

Now, the best part, for me, is having a physical pomodoro timer. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like having it, but it beats opening up a tab and typing or finding my shortcut to one of the many timers available online.

With the AirDoro I just held down one of the 3 buttons for the desired length of time I wanted and off it went.

The arm you see in the picture counts down the time for you along with some nice lights to show progress.

All of this in a small footprint that looks nice next to my monitor and the plant my wife gave me 🙂 

Before we go to far, I should note that this unit was an early demonstration model that they very nicely sent to me and even put my name on the front. 

As this is being written, the next generation is being developed and looks more like this:

Who Is AirDoro For?

Being an early tester I can say that it’s for me! All joking aside, I think this would be helpful for anyone that knows the power of using focused time and wants the physical reminder of having it on their desk to help them spend more time productively.

I don’t think it matters exactly what you do, but obviously it will work better for those who are at or near their desk for work.

I wasn’t sure if a physical pomodoro timer would be something that I’d stick with before using the AirDoro and I can say that it’s become a regular use for me.

What’s Next For AirDoro?

In addition to having an updated design as shown above, they’re at work putting together the companion smart phone mobile app to really take this up a notch.

How so?

Well, having a pomodoro timer and seeing CO2 levels, etc, is great – but what if you could keep a record?

Now we’re talking!

Check out some of these screenshots of the app in development:

From those we can see that there’s going to be some great advancements that allow you to more easily track time that you spent focused along with environmental conditions – I’m really looking forward to testing this out when it’s ready!


The AirDoro is a great desktop addition that would work great at home or on the road.

The small size makes it easy to move but big enough to have that nice “presence” – you know it’s there and for me at least, it helps to spend more time using it as a pomodoro timer when I can see it on my desk instead of using an online timer.

How can you get one of these? Head to Airdoro and sign up for the pre-order or just to find out more about what they’re working on.

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