Saving And Uploading Files With Todoist (Free)


Saving files to your Todoist account is something that really comes in handy! Whether you’re uploading a picture, saving a text file, or adding a spreadsheet, there’s just times that putting it directly into your task will save you time and keep things organized.

However, it turns out that you can’t do this if you are using the free version of Todoist (see the video).

So, what are you to do then?

Well, it turns out that you can paste links directly into tasks and ToDoist will handle them just like regular HTML links – once you save the task you can click and open links in your browser.

Ok – great, but why is that so neat? What you can do now is go into your “storage” programs like Evernote, Google Drive, and DropBox, and grab a “share” link for that document or file and paste it right into your ToDoist task. Bingo! Problem solved.

Simple and easy.

New to Todoist? Check out the full review here.

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