Can a Dedicated Digital Reading Device help?

In a time where distractions from digital devices are what we’re used to hearing about, the idea of dedicating a device solely to reading might seem outdated.

That’s what I thought when I saw people using a single device for reading.

A dedicated digital reading device strikes a balance between accessibility and minimalism, providing a focused, distraction-free environment for consuming digital content when done right.

The concern about adding another gadget to our already tech-saturated lives is valid, yet the benefits shouldn’t be overlooked.

Modern e-readers or tablets can be affordable, which makes that hurdle less of an issue. I was surprised to find good options under $100 and settled on a tablet at $70.

A dedicated reader creates a psychological distinction. Using a device specifically for reading signals to your brain to focus on that task. This mental shift is crucial for cultivating a habit of deep reading when easily distracted by apps and alerts on a standard tablet or smartphone.

You want to set up your device for reading:

  • Limiting the number of apps installed
  • Limiting the messaging and communication apps
  • Enabling grayscale to minimize distraction
  • Setting notifications to off or Do Not Disturb

(I created a video covering this with more details here.)

For those who value reading for personal growth and productivity, a digital reading device could bridge the gap between physical books and your phone.


A digital device is handy for following links, reviewing charts, graphs, or making quick notes.

For deep dives into complex material, following up on research, or simply enjoying a good book, this approach simplifies digital reading, making it more accessible and appealing.

Consider the clarity, focus, and productivity a dedicated reading device can bring to your reading habits. Give it a try if you think it will improve your reading. I know it’s already helped me with my Readwise processing habit and taking on digital reading tasks without getting endlessly distracted by my inbox or notifications.

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