How To Get Started With Tags And Notebooks In Evernote


Getting started with Evernote can be a bit daunting, but once you’ve seen how to use tags and notebooks you’ll be able to sort and store a huge amount of information and easily recall it in just a few seconds if your system is configured correctly.

Setting Up Evernote

Now, if you’re looking for a complete guide to using Evernote – you’re in the wrong place!

Just do a quick search for “evernote system” and you’ll find many precise walk through’s of people’s complete systems.

For myself, I believe in setting up a system that works for you and that means just starting to use it.

So, check out the video above and see how you can use tags and notebooks to quickly start collecting your “notes” into usable forms.

As I mention in the video, you’ll want to limit yourself when it comes to the number of tags and notebooks. If you have too many it becomes too much to take in at a glance and you’ll have a hard time remembering what your classification tags are (things like “home” and “consulting” in my example).

The best route then is to set up a few large scale notebooks based around large projects or areas (work, home, etc) and then start using the tags to differentiate by different needs (food, smaller project at work, etc).

Evernote is a really powerful app and you can set it up in nearly any way that you want – if you’ve got a great system in place, share it here!

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