Dealing With Distractions Using Focus Music


Dealing with distractions continues! Well, it never really ends, does it? The good news is that there are a ton of ways to deal with this and some of them have more upsides that you would think at first.

How so?

For example, in the video I talk about Focus@Will. It’s a service that plays great non-word (not sure what the real term is, but there’s no words being spoken or sung) music that helps you focus. 

Great, right?

Well, this also helps by signalling to me that it’s time to work – so not only am I “getting in the zone” I’m also subconsciously aware that it’s time for me to be more focused – double payoff!

I highly suggest trying this technique out at least once or twice a day and seeing how it works for you. Do you notice a difference? Does it help you get in the zone and block out distractions?

I also touched on the power of the daily review since I found myself with a bunch of post-it notes on my desk this morning…

Super useful tools, but potentially harmful if I didn’t have a system to deal with them. However, since I do a morning review, I could easily incorporate them into my morning by taking the notes and tasks on the post-its and putting them where needed (calendar, Todoist, Evernote, Focuster, etc).

More information on the power of the daily review and methods will be coming soon!

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