How To Stay On Task And Motivated Without Distractions Using To Do Lists


Getting distracted and then feeling unmotivated and not wanting to get back to the task at hand? It’s pretty common and something I was recently asked about. What should you do?

Well, the good (and bad) news is that it happens to everyone and will continue for the rest of your life!

So, having a good way to deal with distractions and a real method to get yourself back on task will be a skill that pays off time and time again.

In the video I go over a couple of ways to do this using to do lists and some basic motivation techniques that will work for anyone. It’s almost like playing a game and super easy to do.

Underneath it all however, is the knowledge that you need to get back on task to get done what you need, and want, to get done.

Will taking a break get you closer to your goals? What are your goals? These are the types of larger questions that this can lead to….but that’s for another day!

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