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Podcasts have transformed the way we consume information, stories, and entertainment. Yet, as the podcast universe expands, it’s become a challenge to glean the full value from every episode we encounter. Enter Podwise, a pioneering service that’s rapidly gaining attention among knowledge workers and podcast enthusiasts for its innovative approach to listening. In this first-look review, we explore Podwise’s groundbreaking features, which include episode summaries, transcripts, mind maps, audio exports, and seamless integration with tools like Readwise Reader. Join us as we discover how Podwise is crafting the future of podcasting, one episode at a time.

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What is Podwise?

Podwise is not your average podcast app. It uses AI summarization technology to enhance the experience, making it easier for you to absorb not only the “big picture” of a podcast but also to find the gold nuggets that can traditionally be hard to find.

Just like longer form videos, podcasts can contain an incredible amount of valuable information – but you have to dedicate an incredible amount of time to listening to them in order to find the details you want. Not any more…with Podwise you can check the summary, see the highlights and go straight to that timestamp (audio or transcript), even see a mind map breakdown of the entire episode.

Features of Podwise

The platform has a solid list of features destined to appeal to both occasional and heavy duty podcast listeners:


With Podwise, users can get a concise AI summary of each episode, providing a quick understanding of the content without needing to listen to the entire piece – a significant time-saver for those on a tight schedule.

This lets you quickly find out if you want to dive in deeper without spending an hour or more listening to the entire podcast. If you do want to go deeper then you can make use of the following features to find the most important (to you) features.

Mind Maps

Visual learners will rejoice at the inclusion of mind maps. These visual aids offer a snapshot of an episode’s central themes and ideas, paving the way for a deeper, more intuitive learning experience.


Beneath the overall summary and mind map are the outlines, where you can see the main topics and click on the down arrow to show more details. If you’re interested in listening to that section or seeing the original transcript, just click on the corresponding icon or timestamp (see image below).


Podwise delivers full transcripts of episodes. This allows not just for better comprehension, but also for referencing specific segments without scrubbing through audio.

This can really come in handy when you get into exports – since that’s the next section below, I’ll just mention that having the full transcript in Readwise can be handy to make sure you’re highlighting the exact phrase should you want or need that.


I’m happy that Podwise facilitates the export of summaries, transcripts, and mind maps to various other apps with more coming in the future. Right now you can export everything from an episode in one click to:

Benefits of Using Podwise

While I’ve been testing Podwise, I’ve found several advantages that are making me start using Podwise for my podcast listening:

  • Time Efficiency: Quickly grasp the “gist” of episodes and manage my listening time more effectively.
  • Enhanced Retention: Utilize transcripts and mind maps for better consolidation of information in Podwise or export to Readwise Reader and then to my PKM of choice (right now, Roam Research).
  • Content Organization: With easy exports (specifically Readwise), maintain a structured repository of knowledge acquired from podcasts.
  • Learning Flexibility: Whether you’re auditory, or visual, Podwise’s features help you tackle podcast information

Whether you’re a knowledge worker seeking to leverage podcasts for growth or a casual listener looking to maximize your listening time, Podwise offers a solid set of tools to increase what you get out of your listening time, especially if you take notes, highlight, or otherwise want to retain key information from the podcasts you listen to.

Final Thoughts

Podwise is not just helping how we listen to podcasts; it’s building a path towards better interaction with spoken content. By leveraging AI summarization, along with other sophisticated features, Podwise is making it easier to take in and get more value from another important content source – podcasts.

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