How To Implement Long Term Reminders And Scheduling


With your short term and mid term reminders and scheduling out of the way, you’ll still want to implement at least one more type of review.

I recommend doing a long term review on the monthly level, although this can be anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on what your schedule and projects look like.

During this period of 30 to 60 minutes, you should be thinking about the long term goals of the projects and identifying new projects, major changes, and clearing out old or completed projects from your organizational areas.

Now, to clarify, you aren’t dealing with individual tasks here. This is a time to look at large goals, directions of projects, and groups of tasks that make up a project.

Take some time to identify where you want to be going with each project, and how you will get there. Once way to keep a history of this process is to use a text document for each project where you enter in the updates at each review (long term review) with the date so that you have something of a revision history and can use it for reference.

This review is very important for helping you push forward with projects by identifying where they might need help and where exactly they are going. This is where some creative thinking will pay off as you look at projects and help “steer” them where you want them to go.

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