Starring Slack Messages To Add Them To Todoist Automatically


Do you use Slack, or have you heard about it and want to use it? Check out the video to see how you can make this powerful tool even better by making any message you click into a Todoist task using free tools.

By using Zapier you can tie together Slack and Todoist in order to make a great set up that moves messages automatically from Slack so that when you’re in a hurry you can know that it will be moved to Todoist for you to review later that day, or as needed – you can customize that in Zapier.

This has been a great way for me to stay on top of group tasks or items that I need to check in on later without having to spend time switching windows and manually entering information about a task or message.

There’s more good news here – you can use the free tier of Zapier to set this up, which is great since IFTTT can’t do this.

So – if you’re using Slack and Todoist (or another task management service that integrates with Zapier) I highly recommend taking the 5 minutes to set this up!

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