How To Get Things Done While You’re Sick


Getting things done while you’re sick is usually not really an option – it just has to be done! So, with that in mind, why not develop the 1 habit you need to make sure you can cope with being sick and STILL get things done?

Prioritizing is a great skill and if you haven’t learned how, you should really check out a book called The One Thing. At its most basic it’s just identifying what the single most important task is so you can focus and get the most bang for your buck.

When you’re sick you might have to shift priorities slightly as your critical thinking may not be in top gear – that’s fine! The idea is to prioritize and knock out the things that you can so you’re making progress while you can.

What’s next? REST!

You have to get better if you want to be more productive!

That said, when I find myself with a low grade cold it’s good to get some work done and occupy my mind for a couple hours instead of driving myself crazy. So I do just that and then rest so that I can recover and get back to doing the things I want to do.

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