Stop Getting Distracted: 3 Tools And Tips

If you’re trying to minimize or stop distractions then I have 3 methods and tools that will help you on your quest to get more done, reach your goals, and stop getting distracted.

These tips can help you with distractions while:

  • Working in an office
  • Working from home
  • Studying
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Programming

And much more!

The first two areas, the phone and routines, are methods that you can implement today to start seeing big results quickly so you can stay on task and stay focused.

They are both areas that we can improve on over time and that give you a big benefit if you start doing them now. Not that you can’t start tomorrow…but we all know that you are less likely to take action later, right?

Last but not least is a re-introduction to a tool that I first tried years ago and have come back to.

The tool is RescueTime and I’ve got to say that I’m liking what I’ve seen so far over the past few days.

It’s a great way to monitor your activities online and on your computer so that you can truly see where your time is spent (now you’ll know how much time you really spend checking Facebook!). It’s available for free and a premium version with some added bells and whistles like website blocking and advanced tracking.

RescueTime fits right in with my belief of reflection – that is, if we spend a little time looking back on what we’ve done, how we can improve, and what we’ve done well, we’ll get big benefits out of that where most people won’t invest the small amount of time needed.

RescueTime does part of that for us by getting the data together of our online activities and classifying it for us – at a glance you can start to see where your time is going and what you can do to “free up” more time for productive use.

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