Critical Tasks And Daily Review While Traveling – Does It Work?


Over the past week while traveling for business and personal reasons I was really out of my normal schedule. At times this can through anyone’s systems into chaos.

While I have traveled some over the past few months this time was a bit more scattered and I was happy to look back after returning home and realized that the key concepts of a daily productivity review and prioritizing tasks (and taking care of the critical ones first – and getting rid of the ones that weren’t important) really worked well and made the trip go smoothly without a lot of stress during or after.

The two basics ways I made this happen was between Todoist and my Midori notebook – an update on the notebook is overdue, but it works great! By taking a look at my tasks in Todoist and giving priority to those that were critical and either delaying or deleting the others I was able to stay on top of the really important items so that when I came home I wasn’t feeling like I was really behind or had let anyone down.

With the Midori notebook, I was able to take some notes and get some side work accomplished and at the end of the conference and travel, sat down and extracted the important ideas and tasks that I had accumulated in it.

So, what’s the take away here? Sticking to the core productivity concepts works. So long as you have a system in place you can travel and have a somewhat chaotic schedule without ruining your life so long as you stick to it.


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