Why Is Productivity Important?


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If you are trying to improve your productivity levels, it may be because you are feeling that you are not as quick and effective during your workday as you want to be. You may even be feeling tired or overwhelmed.

But boosting your productivity will require extra effort, time, and energy before you start to see the results. There are tools to test, new strategies to implement, and generally a process of trial and error to find out your recipe for success.

Is it really worth it? Shouldn’t you save time and focus on the actual work instead? Wouldn’t that be easier – that might be what you’re thinking…

As the founder of Productivity Academy, I strongly believe that focusing on your productivity will make your life easier and your work faster and more meaningful. I believe it so firmly that I have made it the Productivity Academy’s mission to help you accomplish that.

The results are absolutely worth the sacrifice. I’m telling you all this as an entrepreneur and business owner, and not as some random idea or theory. I have tried all of the things I talk about myself in real life, or have helped other apply them and seen the results.

Better Productivity Will Make You Accomplish More

Reaching your goals is the whole point of being productive. Optimizing your efforts will make it easier in a number of ways:

  • Compress your work — you will be able to complete more tasks in the same amount of time
  • Expand your work scope — at the same time, you will be able to take on more projects or expand areas you did not have much time to focus on until now
  • Be more organized — templates, organized folders, easy-to-find items, clear processes… organization saves you time. This can on it’s own be a game changer for you in the long run.

Your Stress Levels Will Be Lower

If you increase your productivity, you will naturally reduce your stress levels, even without actively working towards it. Take the daily review, for example. By checking your tasks and goals in the morning and taking control of your day, you will minimize the chances to be sideswiped by a last-minute meeting and other inconveniences that can aggravate or annoy you.

Of course, the majority of your stress comes from worrying about your long-term targets. Will you reach them? Will you be successful enough? Realizing that you are making progress, that you are more organized and ultimately, more productive, will make sure you do not worry as much, while maintaining a sense of control and overall satisfaction with your results.

You Get to Do More of What You Want

This is possibly the greatest benefit of better productivity. When you find yourself having doubts and asking questions such as “why am I working harder? Why am I investing all this time into my productivity?” you will find the answer here.  

You will not care about having to write an extra page or set up a new account when you know that those tasks are taking you where you want to be. Instead of looking at productivity as a sacrifice, try to think of it as something somewhat selfish that you are doing.

I know that can sound odd – but it’s OK.

You are improving your productivity to do what you want, faster, and better. You are testing new ways to help yourself, your family, your community. You will feel less stressed out. You will be a better entrepreneur, a better person to be around and ultimately, you will build better relationships.

A more productive person is a happier person who makes those around them happier too while reaching their goals and creating a better life. That’s the person I want to be, and the type of person that I want to be around. How about you?

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By Adam Moody

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