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Alright, we’re live everybody it is productivity time, what time for the live Q&A with myself Adam Moody with the productivity Academy and this is episode number 76. While on the road here, I’m in Gig Harbor, Washington today. And so I’m going to keep this one short visiting some family, but wanted to, as usual, be consistent and keep this going and answer a couple questions that we had come up and then let everyone know about a couple things that are coming down the pipeline.

So we got some good stuff coming up. But real quick, if you’re watching live, you can go ahead and ask questions, like I said, a little short on time today, but if I have a minute, I’ll get to those. I’ll check those out on the side here. And if you’re checking out the replay, that’s great. You can always come join us live. The link is in the description. Come join the free group. And you can always subscribe on YouTube, which if you’re watching this on YouTube, it’s pretty easy. You can click Subscribe down there. So let’s get into it.

So something that is really interesting, and a lot of people have mentioned either when they’re joining the group or answering some questions is about lack of a kind of a digital organization process, right? So there’s, you know, organizing stuff in our lives, whether it’s your office, your closet, whatever it is. But then there’s organizing all this stuff we have digitally because it’s, it’s an amazing time to be alive.

We can save almost anything we can, you know, hold on to all of these documents, emails, we can screenshot pages we can, you know, there’s just so much that we can do. But then that’s the downside, right? Is that double-edged sword of well, now we’ve got so much stuff, how do we quickly access it? How do we deal with all of that and so I’ve been doing a lot of research into that a lot of deep diving because, for myself, that’s a big problem as well, in the sense that I had to go through so much information or you know, I looked through so much or even just producing content, it gets confusing where stuff at where did this go? was looking at this topic.

Where’s that go? And so this idea of having a handle on your digital organization I think is really important and it’s something I definitely want to dive into and share and one of the big I’ll say premises behind this is not going too deep. I think we’ve all had that thing or that setup where you know can we have our folders arranged just the way we like it but then you realize you have to click like 10 times into like 10 different folders and like drill down this insane whole to get to that one document you needed and so that is and while that may seem simple like well just don’t do it, it takes some some thinking and how to set this up and what areas you want to cover so that you know you have the breath or the you know the areas you need that cover enough of your content while not you know having to drill down those 10 steps.

So I’m going to be getting more into that and if that’s interesting to you and having a good digital organization system by all means please leave a comment let me know let me know what you’re looking for.

Also coming up we’re going to have some automation training everybody there was a survey a week or two ago about if you’d like some training dealing with distractions or automation and automation was a landslide winner so that’s great this can be some live training coming up in the next few weeks i’ll announce more about that so you can get all that training for free just by attending live.

If you haven’t yet definitely subscribe or join the facebook group either one of those actions will let you get an alert that the training is going to be happening and we’re going to have a good productivity challenge coming up at towards the end of April so if you’re looking to kind of form a productivity foundation regardless of you know if you’ve already kind of you feel like you’re advanced or you’ve got a system or you’re really struggling on having some consistency and having that kind of baseline level I’m going to organize this challenge so that it’s helpful for you as either a refresher and some ways maybe you can add to your existing system or if you’re really trying to start fresh or you don’t have a good system, to get you kind of go from zero to 60 you know, within those 14 days, so 14 day challenge to get you going.

So other than that, I am going to check real quick on questions and see if we have anything.

I do not see anything right now. So this is going to be a quick one again. If you haven’t yet, please come join us in the real world productivity group, you can find the link below. Other than that, stay tuned, we’re going to have some really good stuff coming up. And I’d love to hear any comments or questions you have about digital organization systems are going to be putting together that’s going to be coming up after the automation training and then after the productivity foundation challenge, so stay tuned and other than that, have a great week and I will be back next week.

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