What’s One Thing You Always Procrastinate On?


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There are many reasons why we take longer to complete certain tasks. Maybe we are still on the learning curve of a new part of the job, we are still acquiring the technical skills, or we are simply slower and less efficient with certain things.

However, there are tasks that routinely take longer to be carried out because we keep procrastinating them. They are not particularly difficult, we are not worse at it, we simply push them off. You know the ones. This short post is dedicated to mine, and how I overcome them.

The First Step Is Recognizing Them

Knowing what things you keep avoiding and admitting the problem is a great start. For many, house chores are regularly left behind. After working all day and checking off all our business-related to-do lists, the idea of cleaning the kitchen or ironing shirts may not feel very exciting.

It is not unusual to procrastinate these as long as you can and run out of clean dishes and fresh shirts 🙂

Whether it is laundry or reviewing long documents, if you have identified the issue you are one step closer to fixing it or avoiding it altogether.

For example, you can now decide whether the task is suitable for delegation or automation. You can split the chores between the members of your family, or invest in a house cleaning service.

Once you know what keeps being postponed, it is easier to figure out creative solutions.

If you still can’t take them off your list and do not how to motivate yourself, you can find here my best tips and strategies to finally spring into action.

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