Which Common Habit Is The Biggest Waste Of Time?


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If you are thinking of ways to improve your productivity, it is normal to ask yourself what habits are getting in the way. When you have been used to do things in a certain way for many years, it can be hard to realize what is draining your time and might be keeping you from reaching your goals.

In this post, I will talk about the two biggest time wasters and ways in which you can limit their effects on your productivity.

The Biggest Waste Of Time

For as much as we love it, watching TV is the habit that by far takes up most of our free time that we could spend being productive. This is certainly true for Americans, who spend 4 to 5 hours a day on average watching their favorite shows. The statistics are clear – it’s an excessive amount of time that can be detrimental to your work.

I am not saying to give it up and stop watching TV altogether. I love watching shows: I have my favorite series, documentaries, etc.

If that is what makes you unwind, stopping altogether could even affect your stress levels. It is best to reconsider the time you want to spend on watching TV – is it helping you reach your goals or could you get away with less? Try to cut it in half, and dedicate what is left to the shows that you love and really care about following.

Social Media

No matter what your age is, social media is likely to be part of your daily life. Scrolling through your feed can take up a lot of your time and attention, even if you don’t realize it consciously.

Taking a step back can really give you some of your most productive time back.

You can go as far as to delete the apps altogether, but there is an easier, just as effective way.

Put your phone down. While you are at your desk or in your workspace, silence the phone and place it screen down. This way, it will be impossible for you to get distracted by the constant notifications, sounds, and screen lights.

You can also take things further and place your phone physically far from you, in another part of the room. This is what I do when I want to focus while sitting at the computer.

By making it harder for you to reach it – you would have to not only look away from your computer and move your arm but get up and cross the room – you will noticeably reduce the times you will check your notifications and increase your attention span.

Because more often than not, we do not only take the 10 or 15 seconds needed to check the new mail or message, but rather a long time while we get distracted on various apps and newsfeeds and suddenly wonder what we were doing in the first place…

These are very simple tricks that take a little self-discipline but will end up giving you a surprising amount of your time back.

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