Episode 48 – Focus To Avoid Overcommitment With Dr. Don Davis

Joining me this time on the Productivity Podcast is Dr. Don Davis, author, and established coach & consultant for businesses in the healthcare and life sciences industries.A big proponent of daily routines and time blocking, Dr. Don starts off his day by meditating and journaling to close out the previous day and prepare for what’s coming.While it may sound weird to you to close a day in the...

Using Daily Goals To Increase Productivity And Push Boundaries

daily goals image

    The use of daily goals is important and powerful. While a lot of people, myself included until not too long ago, hear about “setting daily goals” and just think: I don’t need to do this – I know what needs to be done, I’ll just do it! However, the main point isn’t that you are telling yourself what needs to be done. You are mentally preparing...

Keep Moving Forward Taking Action With Visible Reminders

desktop goal reminder card

  Do you like having a clear desk? I know that I do. However, there is something else I keep on my desk to help me move forward on a regular basis. What is it? It’s a simple 3″ x 5″ index card with the “top” folded over so that the card is angled toward my eyes. On the card I have written where my goals are and how I can help myself accomplish these goals. This...

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