Episode 48 – Focus To Avoid Overcommitment With Dr. Don Davis


Joining me this time on the Productivity Podcast is Dr. Don Davis, author, and established coach & consultant for businesses in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

A big proponent of daily routines and time blocking, Dr. Don starts off his day by meditating and journaling to close out the previous day and prepare for what’s coming.

While it may sound weird to you to close a day in the morning of the next day, this is what works for him and it’s something that everyone has to take into account when building up a daily routine.

There are a lot of different routines that big names like Cal Newport follow that work for them, but that doesn’t mean that they will work for YOU—trust me on this one, I’ve tried…

You need to find something that works for you instead of trying to force yourself to follow a routine that was not meant for you.

Dr. Don shared several great methods to deal with over-commitment, focus, and goal setting in this episode of the podcast. 

My personal favorites are the “DARE” method (listen and find out more!) as well as time blocking with color coding to show how much time you’re putting towards your goals. 

There are many great actionable nuggets in the episode, and with all of his experience helping others, I highly suggest checking out Don’s book (link below), website, and more.

Books, Resources, Tools, or URL’s mentioned:
Overcommitted: How to transform your habits and achieve the life you desire
Linchpin – Seth Godin
Atomic Habits – James Clear
Daily Shutdown Routine – Cal Newport
Find Dr. Don Davis on his website here, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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