Clockwork Book Review & Summary

I just finished up Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz recently and wanted to share some of the important aspects, from my point of view.

The easiest way to get to the good stuff is to watch the video summary above! However, here’s a real quick rundown of the top areas:

  1. Use the “4D’s” to quickly put time tracking to work in your business instead of going crazy with minutia and tedious tracking
  2. Using a device like Timeular makes the 4D’s super easy – and more powerful
  3. Find out what your Queen Bee is and stick to it
  4. Read Mike’s other books, they are really good 🙂

I sent out my review on Twitter and Mike + Timeular were both stoked, so that was good to see.

If you’re at all interested in putting better time tracking to use and want to have a great framework that isn’t overkill check out the video I made to see how you can incorporate it.

Then go read the book!

twitter conversation about Clockwork and Timeular combination.

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