Episode 22 – Mindset or Mindfulness – Setting The Stage Internally With Christopher Sutton


I was able to meet up with the founder of Musical-U, Christopher Sutton, for an interesting conversation that hasn’t been covered on the podcast before…

Christopher brought up the topics of mindset and mindfulness and I was intrigued – managing and improving your internal state is huge for any growth, whether it’s personal, business, or another area.

However, it’s an area that I find myself actively researching and understanding how deep a topic it is while I’m peeking in from the corner – so I said decided that this would be a great time to see how these areas have influenced his life and how he came into learning more and applying the principles he picked up.

These areas are complex, can be tricky to navigate, but have a huge payoff for yourself and your future endeavors.

I’ll be touching base with Christopher again in the future to talk about these areas in more depth but for now you should listen to this episode to get started.

There’s a lot to take away and consider for use in your own life – like many important areas, it’s an ongoing conversation with ourselves and the real world application.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What can make you go from zero to good quickly, and what you’ll need after that
  • How Christopher avoids using bandaids to treat bigger problems that require focus
  • Why you might want to disassociate yourself from your business ups and downs

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