Focuster Time Management And Task List App Review


I’m testing out Focuster in my daily routine and so far it’s working great. What is Focuster? Well, it’s a combination time management and task list tool that integrates directly with your Google Calendar and auto adds tasks into your day.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

And it is!

When you add a task and give it an estimated time (say, 30 minutes), Focuster will take that task and insert it into the next available 30 minute slot you have in your schedule. If it can’t fit today, it will delay until tomorrow, etc.

You can prioritize by changing where in the task list you put a task and can create different lists for different items (work, home, etc).

Right now I’m finding this very helpful for busy days. When I do my daily morning review I take my list of tasks and assign them in Focuster with my time estimate and start to work on them as soon as I’m done with my daily plan. This helps to focus (ha!) my day and forces me to prioritize – and if I get through a task quickly I can either take a break or move on to the next item…it feels good!

There’s a free 14 day trial that you can check out here:

I’ve moved into the paid version as I found it to be very helpful and adding to my productivity.

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