How To Stay Productive While Sick


Having systems in place to help you through being sick is crucial. Not only can these methods and processes help you when sick, but also during any other time when you have less energy or time than you would normally be dealing with.

So – it’s no surprise that being sick really sucks! You’re low on energy and you can feel the clock ticking on how many hours, or minutes, you have that day to be even slightly productive.

What do you do?

Well, the idea is that you start laying down the habits and processes ahead of time so that you can more easily deal with it when the time comes. Now, I’m not saying this makes getting all of your work done easy, or you’re going to feel great, or anything crazy like that!

What I am saying is that if you set up your daily review and know how to prioritize using a method like 80/20 in combination with “The One Thing” (great info in the book, check it out) you can really cut through to the critical components of your day so that you don’t miss the REALLY important tasks.

Putting 80/20 to work and prioritizing is good in any situation but becomes really important when you’re pressed for time. Start using these ideas now and you will see changes fast. It’s that simple.

If you haven’ yet, I highly recommend two books that deal with this.

  1. 80/20 Sales and Marketing – you don’t have to be doing Sales or Marketing to get a lot of value out of this book! It’s productivity in (not so subtle) disguise.
  2. The One Thing

Take a few days and read these books – they will help you no matter what you do or what field you’re in! And even better, they’ll help you when you’re sick 😉

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