Stay Productive And Healthy With Simple “Steps”


I hope you’re in the mood for a bad pun – otherwise the title of this post may not work very well! The good news, even if you have puns, is that it’s really simple to start using a timer and taking a short walk or standing to get improved mental productivity and be physically healthier.

No – you won’t get super fit by standing for 15 minutes a day or walking 30 minutes, but you will avoid some real fatigue issues and help keep yourself more alert. Additionally you’ll avoid that “burnout” feeling you get when working in place on one project for too long.

So – if you haven’t yet, watch the video and see how you can implement these ideas in your daily life. Maybe it’s working for 30 minutes and then shooting hoops for 5 minutes. Maybe it’s just standing up and getting a glass of water. Whatever it is, it’s so much better for you and your productivity than just sitting there!

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