Taking Simplicity Too Far? Striketh.ru Review


Recently I came across an interesting method to organize your to do list, random thoughts, and projects into one offline notebook. Right away the simplicity appealed to me and I checked it out in detail to see if this was something for me. If you haven’t yet, watch the video for a quick overview and comparison – the bottom line is that I found it to be TOO simple for my needs, but still worth checking out for others…this may be something that you can really put to work!

There are some situations where I think that this could really be useful, but for myself I always have my phone on my and am usually near a computer. Combined with my use of a notebook already for brainstorming and thought gathering, I just didn’t see how this would help me be more productive. However, I believe that some of you may find this appealing and a good solution for your productivity and organizational needs – it’s based on the idea of the “strikethrough” productivity method.

What’s my solution?

I use my phone, computer, and a Midori (for now) notebook – whichever is closer at hand gets used and once a day I look through my main apps to make sure everything is collected (Todoist, Evernote, Midori Notebook) and sorted.

I prefer to use a notebook as a gathering place and not the sole repository of my data, to do lists, and projects. The reasons for this are:

  • No alerts or reminders – this is huge! I really need the ability to set up alerts for one-off and recurring tasks and appointments
  • Inability to reorder projects easily
  • Time to implement

Now, each of those 3 items could be remedied, but I feel that the time it would take could be better used elsewhere. If I was going to implement the Strike Through system the very first thing I would have to do is set a strict review schedule for my notebook. This is a good idea anyways (reviewing your systems and organizational areas) but if you couldn’t hold yourself to a fairly rigid schedule this system would not work well.

That said, if you like the idea of one manual / offline way of handling your organization, notes, and more, you should really give it a shot or at least check out more information at Striketh.ru.

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