Mindmeister review – 7+ years of hands on experience


MindMeister has been my go-to mind mapping tool for quite some time – in fact it’s one of the longest lasting productivity tools in my lineup.

When I’ve got something that needs a “brain dump” so I can work with the results or share online, MindMeister is where I go.


Well, it’s incredibly easy to use – you can seriously be up and running in about 1 minute.

What that doesn’t mean is that it is overly simple or not flexible…there’s a lot of power hiding under the surface. Check out the video for more details:

Mindmeister pros

There’s a lot to like – MindMeister has stayed focused on mind mapping and it shows. Like I mentioned earlier you can get started very quickly and there’s really only a few keyboard shortcuts to remember:

Control, Tab, and Enter.

With those 3 down you can do just about everything you need – the rest is not needed for just getting ideas down in a hierarchy.

But when you want to style things, add videos, links, links to other mind maps, share with team members, share with the public, and present – MindMeister has you covered.

mindmeister cons

One of the downsides is also part of the upside – you can get started for free, with an account limited to 3 mind maps but it’s free forever. However, you cannot export if you’re using the free plan. Cue sad horn…

I don’t think this is a big deal as they’re providing a lot of value for the free tier and you’re still able to share your maps with the free plan.

mindmeister pricing

As I mentioned, there’s a free tier with some limits, and from there the pricing starts a just a few dollars per month for the personal plan.

If you’re going to grab a paid plan, you can save 10% by using my referral code: Adam-Mindmap

Going beyond the personal plans, they have business and enterprise accounts that scale based on the number of users. Find out more here.


Overall, I really enjoy using Mindmeister and find myself keeping it in my lineup year after year.

It’s easy to use, fun, and looks good – for me, all the bells and whistles are just that, bells and whistles. I’m sure others use it for presentations and more, but I like the base functionality and find it valuable enough to have paid for the service for years.

Give it a shot – I think you’ll like it too.

To get started, you can visit MindMeister, or check out an example of a shared mind map here.

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