Best Self Journal Introduction And Getting Started Review


The Best Self Journal is a new one for me – a business partner referred me to it and I wanted to give it a try…and I’m glad that I did!

This is my personal Best Self Journal review.

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and so far I’m pretty impressed. (want to see what I have to say after 13 weeks? Check that post out right here)

If you’ve seen some of my other posts about journals, you’ll know that I’ve used a few different ones (5 Minute Journal, Freedom Journal, Midori Notebook with my own homemade journal pages) and found good things about them all which led to me creating my own pages.

However, I’ve found a great combination in the Best Self Journal and will be giving it a full 13 week test.

Why 13 weeks?

Well, the journal is organized around goals of about 3 months in duration – an idea I first came across in a book called The 12 Week Year. What this idea and book is about is basically that when you set year long goals everybody tends to put off starting and working on them…so why not set the same goals for a 3 month period and start NOW.

So – watch the video for a short intro and review of my use so far. I’ll be updating with a video down the road after I’ve been using it for a longer period and presenting my likes and dislikes.

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Best Self Journal Review – The Bottom Line


It’s a great tool for time management, goal setting, and daily action that will hep you. That’s the bottom line. Anyone can benefit from using this journal – it’s just a matter of deciding if you are going to put in the modest amount of time and effort to get the rewards.

The good news here is that you don’t need to be super hardcore about filling out every single line every single day – however, it IS about developing the consistency and getting better about filling it out every day and setting goals that help move you towards what you want to accomplish – increased productivity and reaching your goals (aka being more effective!).

I recommend grabbing the journal, give it a shot for 90 days and then do your own “self journal review” – really, sit down for 10-15 minutes and write down what worked well for you, what didn’t, and then decide if it’s a shortfall of the journal, or yourself. Then you can make the choice to continue using it or to maybe try something else for your daily planning and weekly agendas.

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