Dealing With Noisy Distractions


Noise is one of the great distractions for many of us. Although a light background noise or even music can help some of us be more productive, it’s the unwanted sounds and interruptions that can really break up our flow and kill our time management.

There’s a several ways to deal with this type of distraction and I’ll be going over a few of them in the video. It’s up to you to find out what works best and what works in your situation. What may be ideal for me may or may not work in your situation.

Keeping distractions to a minimum from outside sources is a great way to start dealing with these issues but eventually you may need to be more proactive about noises and sounds so your brain can operate at it’s most efficient.

I was lucky to get my first pair of active noise cancelling headphones this year – they certainly do the job well and I can’t believe I hadn’t tried these before. Great for working in cafes, blocking noise in the airplane and more. I can’t say if all brands and models are good, but the Bose headset I was given has worked amazingly well.

For myself, I am amazingly more productive when I can work for 45 minutes to an hour with headphones on with a light music (anything from uptempto electronic to soft jazz – just no words!) and little movement or background distractions. After that, it’s time to get up and move for a few minutes, get some water or tea, and let my eyes relax as I spend a lot of the day in front of my computer.

What’s your go to music or noise distraction eliminator?


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