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Dealing with email overload is a common occurrence, even for the best of us.

However, there are great tools available to help you deal with what can be one of the most useful communication tools and a huge distraction! is a free service that you can hook into your email provider of choice.

Once integrated it will automatically find email subscriptions and let you keep them in your inbox, add them to the rollup (more on that!), or unsubscribe.

I have it set to send me my rollup once per day – what this means is that I get an email once per day with all emails I designated to be on the rollup.

From places like Amazon to forum summaries, I can go through at a designated time and review these emails instead of constantly being distracted when I see a new email come in ever 10-15 minutes.

This is huge! It’s not just the time wasted by being distracted, it’s also the time you spend getting back on task that really takes its toll on you and your time.

Another great feature of this service is that it keeps discovering new subscriptions to add as they send you emails.

For example, if you signed for on Monday, and you get a subscription email on Friday, it will ask you in your rollup email to deal with this new subscription (and any others).

I really find this feature helpful and it lets me keep subscriptions that I find handy or useful but that I don’t want taking up much of my time or taking me away from the important work of the day.

If you’re looking to include this in your daily activities but are stuck on how to set up your reminders and more, check out my earlier post on just that: How To Implement Short Term Reminders And Scheduling

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