Todoist Sub Tasks And Project Uses


Todoist is a great program, but like any useful tool there’s always a few things that you have to figure out on your own in order to get the most out of it!

One of these things is finding how to use sub tasks and projects in order to define a more hierarchical structure to your To-Do lists or general organization within Todoist.

Watch the video above for a quick run through on how to make tasks with sub tasks – the bottom line is that you can’t do it via your inbox, but it is fairly simple.

If you want to make the “main” tasks hard to delete, you can check out this previous post on using the asterisk to remove the ability to mark a task as “done”:  Using The Asterisk In Todoist

If you’re not familiar with sub tasks, it’s basically a way to indent tasks under a “main” task so that it appears more organized and less of a cluster or list of single importance.

Give it a try today and see if it helps you with your productivity and organization.

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