Focusing On The One Thing To Get More Done


There’s a lot of methods that I’ve integrated into my productivity style over the past several months. However, I recently read a book titled “The One Thing” that had one very important piece of advice (and several other very good points):

What’s the One Thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

Seems simple, right?

It is. Where we usually go wrong is in our actions.

I know I find myself doing small tasks that are easy or not a priority and feel like I’m still being productive.

Instead of focusing on my urgent business task I’ll find myself doing laundry or answering an email. Still being productive…but not getting the most important thing done that will lead to a better business, lifestyle, or relationship.

Don’t get me wrong – the laundry has to get done and emails need to be answered. Just don’t make it a habit to “productively procrastinate” by doing these easy tasks and avoiding the larger and likely more difficult tasks that will bring real progress into your life.

I keep the note card shown in the video on my desk as a reminder to myself to keep my priorities straight and to go after those top tasks first. I know I need the reminder – how about you?

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