How To Deal With Random Events And Tasks In Your Life


Dealing with last minute or random events and tasks is something everyone must deal with. This video deals with a quick solution that you can make into a habit that will let you be an asynchronous task handling master.

It doesn’t matter who you are – you’re going to be given tasks out of the blue, you’ll have ideas that pop up out of nowhere and can have major impacts on your life, career, or current project; but if you are not prepared to deal with the information you are going to lose out.

Being ready to deal with incoming information from external and internal sources (your brain!) is really important. Most people don’t have a system – they just rely on “remembering” what they are thinking about.

This is dangerous for a few reasons:

  1. You are introducing mental overhead – you now have to think about remembering this stuff!
  2. There’s a high chance that you will forget at least part of the information, losing it temporarily or forever
  3. You are lowering your productivity and time management by relying only on your brain to sort this information for you

The last one may sound odd – but think about it.

Why give your brain extra work?

Let it spend it’s time dealing with the important issues such as processing the information and finding creative solutions.

Okay – enough of that. Watch the video, get your system in place, and enjoy being more productive and better at handling asynchronous tasks and ideas.

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