The Dangers Of Bad Productivity Habits

As much as we talk about the great habits that inspire productivity and lead us to accomplishing amazing things – being aware of the opposite end of the spectrum is also important.

We all have bad habits that can lead us to waste time and energy so it’s good to be aware of what these may be so that we can avoid them or reduce them in the future.

I came across a list via Business Insider that had a few that I think really stand out:

Contrary to what you might think, multitasking doesn’t boost your productivity.

Either way, flaunting deadlines is a terrible habit to get into. One of these days, you’ll cross a deadline that really wasn’t meant to be crossed.

If this sounds like you, it’s important to start managing your boss’s expectations — or, you know, just start respecting deadlines.

You have a scheduling system, but it’s scattered to the four winds. Literally.

You write your notes from the big conference on your laptop, your work deadlines pop up on your phone, you have a planner for meetings, and you scrawl to-do notes on random notes you stick around your computer. You should quit these bad time management habits – Business Insider

Be sure to check out their article for even more bad habits!

For me, these are 3 big concepts that can lead to a lot of problems and shouldn’t be that hard to fix.

1. Multi tasking – this is just not good for you or your work! Try to batch items and tasks together so that you are as focused mentally on one area as much as possible.
2. Letting deadlines pass you by – Ok, this happens. We get busy or something prevents us from getting a project done on time. However, if it is AT ALL in your control, do not get in the habit of letting deadlines slip. It’s something that you’ll get used to and others will also see this and it will not reflect well even if it’s not for important items.
3. Be organized, or else – It doesn’t take much, but if you have no system, or don’t use it, you’re going to have problems and waste a ton of time. Why put yourself through this? Find the system that works for you and stick with it. Change as needed – but make yourself do it! I highly recommend doing a daily review to help yourself get in the habit of using whatever system you choose.

There’s certainly many more, but these 3 really stuck out to me as potential areas where many of us have problems but fixes can be implemented quickly.

Got some of your own areas that you think are important to be aware of? Let me know!

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