Episode 45 – Eating Processes For Breakfast – Pauline Malubay


Joining me this episode is Pauline Malubay, Small Business Operations Expert, & Business Growth Strategist.

I like to start these podcast episodes by asking about morning routines.

Although it may vary, Pauline says that she can’t start her day without coffee (and I totally agree!), following this comes reading, and 5-minute meditation using the Shine app.

Meditation has been a constant these past few episodes and I agree with that. It is very important but it doesn’t work the same for everyone.

You have to do it your way – some do yoga, some do visualization, affirmation, and many other styles and types.

If you’re starting and don’t know what to do, there are a lot of free apps and Youtube videos that can help you with this and we both agree that starting this way can save you time and money.

Moving into the business realm, Pauline noted that she didn’t like startups where everything was “messy” and was given no other reason than “That’s just the way things are”.

Now, after applying processes to her own side hustle, she works with CEOs to make their ideas turn into processes and implement them throughout the company to make things run smoothly.

One thing that she mentioned and I find to be true is that you need to “slow down to speed up”. 

What this means is that you need to slow down and implement processes and make sure team members understand and put them in place before you overload your system and it just gets harder to fix.

Pauline is active on several platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

The way she finds the time to do this is by looking at what needs to be done and see if she can Automate, Outsource, Delegate or Delete them. I love this – reminds me of my weekly reviews which are super effective and over time help identify areas to improve.

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